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Asia Pacific's most advanced service centre for diesel injection systems, turbochargers and autoelectrical systems, takes pleasure in providing 1st-class servicing solutions for our clients, the majority of whom are distinguished engine or vehicle distributors.

We use the latest technology to provide quality servicing solutions for advanced diesel injection systems, including common rail, turbochargers & autoelectrical systems.

Dieseltech is featured in Bosch Automotive News Issue 11

Our Companies

DieselTech Pte Ltd

Business Reg. No. 198903179C

28F, Penjuru Close, #01-11
Singapore 609134
Tel: +65-67606666
Fax: +65-62640320
Email: service@dieseltech.com.sg
Website: www.dieseltech.com.sg

Euro 5 Common Rail Pte Ltd

Business Reg. No. 200106098C

1, Defu Lane 12,
Singapore 539110
Tel: +65-62807233
Fax: +65-62807275
Email: sales@euro5diesel.com.sg
Website: www.euro5diesel.com.sg

Diesel Injectronic Pte Ltd

Business Reg. No. 200206731N

Woodlands Workshop and Rental:
280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5,
Singapore 757322
Tel: +65-67491155
Fax: +65-67498851
Email: DIW@dieselcommercial.com.sg

Pioneer Workshop
No 1, Soon Lee Street,
Singapore 627605
Tel: +65-63391155
Fax: +65-63392714
Email: DIP@dieselcommercial.com.sg

Website: www.dieselcommercial.com.sg